Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday is my favorite day!

TGIF!  I love a good Friday!  Normally it brings an end to all the business and gives us rest, but not this week.  We have been so crazy busy lately!  It's been a fun summer of activities, playdates, social gatherings - I think I'm trying to keep busy to pass the time and to really enjoy our last months in Italy.

This weeks' schedule included - school every morning, swim lessons M,T,W - playdate and grocery shopping on Tue followed by a cooking lesson at a friend's house Tue night.  Wednesday brought another lunch/playdate, followed by a work function to say goodbye to Paul's boss followed by a girls' night out to say goodbye to my dear friend Jodi.  Thur was another playdate so my friend Rebecca could get her teeth cleaned but a quiet night at home.  Today, Friday, is quiet but I'm going out for Bunco tonight.  Tomorrow a birthday party for a 3 yr old and Sunday I'm playing tour guide and spending the day in Positano.   WOW!!!  Monday you can find me curled up in a fetal position hiding under my covers hoping for some peace and quiet - after school and swim lessons of course.

Speaking of swim lessons, our boys are doin' us proud!  Lewis is thriving in Level III and wants to do it again next session.  I haven't spoken with his teacher but I'm pretty sure he needs to repeat this level - they're learning new strokes and practicing form and this is where he should be in my opinion.  Now prepare yourselves for a little shock - Miss Sarah says William is ready to move up to Level One!  He's so excited and proud!  He's found his swimming groove and is no longer afraid to let go of her and swim around the big pool.  He's come a long way, baby!  So, we'll start the third session the second week of August and at the end of that session summer will almost be over.  Time flies when you're having fun.

Paul has opted to take off the first two weeks of August, opted meaning he had leave he needed to "use or lose" so beginning Tuesday August 3rd so we'll have a little "staycation" and hang around here.  I've warned him that I will not spend two weeks with him organizing and cleaning out stuff he thinks we need to get rid of - we'll see if he listened.  I need to come up with a small list of places to go and see to keep him busy, maybe some of the lesser known local sites.  Or maybe we'll just hang out in the backyard and swim in our pool.  We have a new bigger pool that I found on sale - 36 inches deep and 15 ft. around - yowza it's big!  and cold.  We set it up on the shady side of our house because we put it on the concrete pavers to keep it level - the boys insist we need to pump some warm water in it or they can't swim.  Truth be told, it is ridiculously cold.  You may remember we were trying to plan a trip to LegoLand in Germany but after evaluating the specifics we realized 4 days in a car for 2 days of LegoLand was not worth it.  So, we ordered some legos online that arrived this week and the boys are happy and we're happy so all is well.  We've decided to save that trip for when we need to get out of Bahrain's heat as we can get direct flights to Frankfurt.

Speaking of Bahrain, we're still working on exact dates but should know something soon.  Originally they had Paul penciled in for his training class in Rhode Island in January.  Paul, not wanting to stay here an extra month, requested that they move him to the November class so we're waiting to see if that works out.  The only part of our plan that seems to be definite is being in the States for the month of December.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer!  I'll try to post some pictures soon, I've been very bad about leaving my camera at home.

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