Sunday, March 7, 2010

Buona Domenica!

Buona = good  and  Domenica = Sunday  in Italian

Lovely, lovely day today.  Waffles for breakfast as is our Sunday tradition, followed by church and then a nice lunch with friends.   Ahhhhhh.  I LOVE Sundays!  Have I mentioned this before?

You know how sometimes your husband throws out an idea that at first seems so crazy you laugh hysterically and secretly wonder if he's insane?  And then it starts to grow on you, and then you actually find yourself thinking it might be a good plan?  Has your husband ever mentioned putting all your stuff in storage and living in a motor home while travelling the continental US for a year or so after retirement?  Crazy, right?

Anyhoo, here are Sunday's 3 things
1.  I am thankful for my new hand lotion
2.  I am thankful for Claudia's profiteroles (if you've never had one, you have no idea what you're missing)
3.  I am thankful for mozzarella di bufala (mozzarella made from the milk of  water buffalo, yummy!)

Mozzarella di bufala

Miracle in a tub

This stuff is awesome!!!!!
As you know from my complaining  updates my dishwasher is broken which makes me, by default, the dishwasher.  Water here is harsh, my hands are suffering.  I have tried every single lotion out there, even my Aveeno wasn't working well on my hands (still great on my body though).
Two days ago my friend Jennifer asked if I wanted this lotion.  Her sister-in-law had come to visit in December and apparently this had fallen out in their car.  Jennifer does not like the hemp smell so she gave it to me and truth be told I could live without the smell but it's not offensive.
I've had these weird extremely dry raised and rough streaks on my thumb and pointer finger - dry to the point of cracking and bleeding - painful!  After only two days using this lotion they're better, clearing up, the cracks and bleeding areas are gone!  It's a miracle.
Thank you Angie!!  Sorry for your loss but so thankful for my gain.