Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What happened to my weather?

I was so sure Spring had sprung- in fact I think I actually named an entry that very title just last week.  But lo and behold I was wrong, it's gone back to cold and rainy and unpleasant.  Today was one of those weather days where I thank my lucky stars we homeschool.  No bus to catch in the rain, no running to class in the rain - nothing in the rain.  We stayed indoors all day, snuggled on the couch and read books, played games - a nice indoor day watching the rain fall and being thankful for heat and/or blankets.  My poor husband on crutches, however, had to hobble around in the rain.  Say it with me "poor Paul".

I have two new games I would like to recommend for kids
1.  Sequence for kids- very fun strategy game


2.  Rush Hour Jr. - an interesting puzzle game


My boys love them both and I admit I do too!   As you can see, the versions I recommend work specifically for my age range - but, there are other versions for older "kids".

Here are my 3 things I'm thankful for today
1.  I am thankful for my family.
2.  I am thankful for each and every person who has sponsored a child through a charitable organization and made a difference in their lives.
3.  I am thankful that a child can find hope in places where there seems to be none.

Italian lesson for the day:
poor = poveri
help = aiuto
hope = speranza

It Could Be Worse

When I first made my declaration that I was going to quit complaining, I received several supportive emails from friends saying such things as "sometimes you need to let it out" and  " you need to vent"  and I totally agree.  I'm not holding in my feelings just so I don't seem like I'm complaining (just ask Paul).

But, when I see things like this blog entry, I am even more convicted in my decision to rethink my thoughts and count my blessings.

Please read an entry at   http://www.thisisreverb.com/      Specifically the March 8th article titled "Hope flows through Mathere". 

The author of the blog is Ryan and he's currently on a trip to Kenya to report on how sponsoring a child through Compassion International actually works.  He's meeting the sponsored kids, checking out the programs offered and sharing it with all of us.

I also encourage you to read the entry "The day of spiritual jealousy" - moving.

And more importantly, I encourage you to sponsor a child.  


May you and your family have a very blessed day,

Festa della Donna 2010

Yesterday, March 8th was Festa della Donna or Ladies' Day here in Italy.  I had the priviledge of participating in a cooking lesson/dinner with 9 ladies and we had a blast.

Our lesson was at a restaurant in the town of Monte di Procida and is named "La Taverna dei Sapori".  Our instructor/chef was Mariella - though she's not an actual trained chef.  Her former career was a tour guide!  She taught herself to cook because it was her passion and now she owns and runs this restaurant with her husband and son.  She's a lovely patient lady and it was a great experience to be in her kitchen for the evening.

Festa della Donna has a yellow theme - yellow mimosa flowers are given to the ladies and our menu also had a touch of yellow as you'll see.  Giallo is the Italian word for yellow (just in case you're wondering).

Last night's menu:

Prosecco Mimosa Cocktails
Antipasti Buffet "Principalmente Giallo"
Bruschetta della Casa
Gnocchi Napoletani "O' Sole Mio"
Pappardelle 8 Marzo "Delizia della Donna"
Bocconcini di Carne "Femme Fatale"
Torta Mimosa
Caffe e Limoncello della Taverna

English anyone? 

Mimosas - Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine and it was mixed with fresh OJ
Appetizers with a "yellow theme"
Bruschetta of the house - no yellow but yummy!
Gnocchi (potato dumplings) with corn and hard boiled eggs in a smoked cheesy creme sauce
Pappardelle (pasta ribbons) in a saffron, ricotta cream sauce with walnuts
Beef and mushrooms in a curry reduction
Mimosa cake
Coffee and Lemoncello

A good time was had by all, I learned a lot and had a yummy meal but what I loved most was spending time with some wonderful Ladies.

I am very thankful to my husband for getting home on time and taking care of the kids for the night even though the poor guy is still hobbling around on crutches.

Here are Monday's 3 things (a bit late due to the fact I left my house at 5 for a 6 o'clock lesson and didn't return until almost midnight, whew.)

1.  Buon Cibo
2.  Buon Vino
3.  Buon Amici

English anyone?

1.  Good Food
2.  Good Wine
3.  Good Friends