Saturday, July 31, 2010


"aiuto" is the Italian word for "help". 

This morning I realized I'm going to need it, soon.

As I sat drinking my coffee in an "I stayed up way too late last night playing bunco" haze, I noticed my husband's behavior.

I noticed his shifty eyes.  Probing.  Assessing.  Planning.

I noticed the way he moved from one area of the house to another.  Probing.  Assessing.  Planning.

I suddenly had an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

He's planning on making me work during his two weeks off!!!!!!  I see it,  I know it, I dread it. 

I quickly reminded him that I had previously declared that if we were to stay home we were NOT going to spend all of our time on projects such as "purge all of Sabrina's extra shoes" and "do we really need so many Christmas decorations".

He smiled his evil smile and laughed his evil laugh in a way that only means one thing- he's tricked me.  We're staying home and he has projects planned. 



I suggested a better use of his time would be a vasectomy followed by a long restful period of recovery.  Needless to say that is not part of his evil plan.

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