Monday, July 26, 2010

B90 Update-Beginning Week 4

First let me start by saying we have a break in the heat wave and I'm so thankful!  This morning my computer gave me the Naples weather and it was a shocking 64 degrees!  A lovely cool, fresh (no burning!) morning, ahhhhhh.  We've had highs in the upper 90s the past few weeks and on Saturday some clouds rolled in and it's continued to cool off since then- I think it was only in the mid 80s yesterday which is quite nice for July.  I would be rather pleased if it remained like this right through August but I know in my heart that is absolute wishful thinking.

After a little extra reading last night I am on schedule with the B90 plan - actually, I'm 5 verses ahead!  Yea!  I ran about a half day behind last week starting on Wednesday so catching up was nice.  Reading through Ruth was like a breath of fresh air, I so love that story and let's be honest, after reading the preceeding books it was good to have a break.

The one downside to reading so much at one time is lack of retention, a fact I noticed last night when my husband asked me a question about reading Numbers and I truly had to think and remember if I had read it?   In all fairness it was late and I was tired but after doing a quick line-up of the books I realized I had in fact read Numbers- how can one forget the census?

I take refuge in the fact that this isn't a Bible study but a chance to read attentively each word of the Bible.  I am learning new things and ultimately I realize that as difficult as the OT can be it leads us to Jesus and that thought alone keeps me going.

It hit me after reading Leviticus, or should I say plodded through Leviticus, how beautiful the book really is.  I suddenly felt a little leap in my heart, all of this was because of God's love for us.  All of the rules, all of the sacrifices were to keep the Israelites clean in the presence of God because to not be clean meant certain death.  God in His holiness and perfect state could not allow the Israelites to approach Him with sin and uncleanliness lest they die, and He loved them too much for that.  The alternative for not making the proper offering was removal from their people, God's chosen people, or death.  It is a beautiful realization that because of the final sacrifice we are all perfectly clean in the eyes of God - washed white as snow and because of this blood offering we can approach our God and have a relationship with Him.  This fact is not new, but knowing what the Israelites had to do for salvation and knowing what we have to do for salvation makes me even more thankful for Jesus and the loving God I serve.

I'm glad I've switched to my study Bible, I take a bit of extra time to read the introduction to each book before my actual reading which I find helps my brain understand why this is important.  It's extra reading, but I think it's worth it in the long run.

I hope you all have a great week! I'll write again soon with more family updates.


  1. I'm jealous of your cool weather! :-) I felt *exactly* the same as you about Ruth after all of the brutality and violence in Judges and the preceding books. And I love your thoughts about Leviticus. It really *is* beautiful! And reading it in context really helps me see that more than just reading a passage or chapter here or there out of it and trying to make sense of it.

  2. I, too, felt the same way when thinking back on what I have read! "How much do I remember?", I catch myself saying! I know, though, that once I am through, I *need* to get into a good Bible Study to further understand these OT books!
    Good job keeping up!
    Praying for you!