Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trip Confirmation

There's something so exciting about taking a trip from the "should we do it?" phase to actually making the commitment!  I've officially inked in our Paris dates on the calendar and booked the tickets - yipeeeee!  I love Paris!  Now I just have to find exciting things to do with the boys - they're not exactly Louvre types (nor am I if you really want to know).  But we all love a good french loaf, french cheese, french wine (not the boys), french croissants - wow, that's a lot of yummy food to look forward to.

But now the "fun" really begins, the part of trip planning I absolutely detest - finding a place to stay.  If you only knew how much stress this part of travelling causes me you might actually volunteer to do it for me - hello? volunteers?  I thought not.
That's a task for another day, I'm going to go do some reading and go to bed early.

As predicted this morning, our day was not very productive.  I like days like today (don't tell the teacher but we skipped school too, oh wait....)  The boys played so nicely together all day, giving me some much needed time to do laundry and rest.  Allergy season here in Italy really makes me uncomfortable, I'm glad it will pass soon.

Here are three things I'm thankful for today

1.  The ability to travel and make wonderful memories with my family
2.  The ability to skip school and not get in trouble
3.  Fleece. 

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