Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today may very well be......

one of the laziest days in Reinhart family history.  OK, maybe that's an exageration since my husband has actually showered and left the house to go to his job (overachiever) but the remaining three of us are not setting any productivity records.

09:34 and we're all still in our pajamas - and truth be told, I don't see this changing for at least another hour.

I made a feeble attempt to rally the troops by exclaiming "bath time! We need to get dressed and go to the Commissary."  Feeble as in as soon as the first "NO" came out of Williams's mouth I had already given up the idea and the next 3-4 minutes of loud whining, complaining, foot stomping and brow furroughing sealed the deal.  Today we stay home.  Which is all fine and good - I have a mountain of laundry calling my name and as the day warms up we can go outside and do some much needed yard work (after changing out of our PJs, of course).

We had a great but short trip to Rome.  Paul's full day of meetings on Tuesday left the boys and myself alone to find entertainment.  We chose to go to the Zoo and it turned out to be a great choice.  It's not exactly the nicest zoo but it's small and manageable and most importantly - Kid Friendly!!!!  A whole day of letting them run around, do whatever they want and not worry about traffic or dangers while being in a big city-priceless.  This trip also marked a milestone for our boys - no strollers - none - niente.  Please join me in celebrating the fact that both boys walked an extremely long way self-propelled!!!!!  Well, the last block back to the hotel from the zoo got dicey with much wailing and several breaks (and a small ride by Mom for William) but they did it - it's a whole new world stroller free.

And speaking of free- Paul's foot is not feeling as much love as we had thought being cast free. In a not very well thought out decision, Paul left his crutches at home for our trip.  He learned the hard way that a 'walking boot' is not intended to be used for a lot of walking and he still needs support.  But, he was a trooper and slowly hobbled his way through.  Needless to say this confirmed the need for physical therapy to help the leg heal and regain some strength so I hope he'll be making appointments for that soon.  And just for the record-I suggested he take his crutches to Rome.

Rome is such a lovely city, if you haven't been please put it on your to-do list.  I think it may very well be my favorite city to visit.  The first night Lewis declared "I want to stay here forever"  and I asked "why?".  He replied "There's no trash on the streets.".  Indeed.  Rome is SO clean compared to Naples - amazing how observant children can be.  William's favorite thing about Rome is drinking straight from the little fountains you find along the streets. 

As usually happens when I don't write daily, I don't have a list of three things for each day that I'm thankful for.   So, I'll just share a quick list of things that I remember saying an extra "thank you" for over the past few days.

I am thankful for.......

The laughter of my children
The character of my husband
The chance to see the world with my own eyes
The thoughtfulness of a good friend
The chance to help
The opportunity to "try it before you buy it"
Riding on trains
All of God's creation and the beauty that can be found in the differences.

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