Sunday, March 28, 2010

One more week!

William is very excited that next Sunday is Easter!  One more week!  You may think he's excited over the Easter bunny?  No, we don't participate in that particular Easter tradition.  Easter eggs?  yes, but that's still not the main reason.  The resurrection of Jesus?  Well, he loves Jesus but his little mind doesn't quite comprehend the weight of that message.

My sweet little William is all excited that there's only one more week until Easter because....... he finally gets to wear his new Easter outfit!  I know, I know, weird kid.  He's so funny, asking "Mom, when do I get to wear my purple socks?".  The boy LOVES colorful socks, argyle in particular and this year he has purple and green argyle socks.  Mean Mom that I am, I haven't let him wear them for fear they'll end up looking like all his other socks that he wears outside without shoes.  There's more to his cute outfit, but he's most excited about those socks.  Go figure.

Absolutely beautiful day today!  We had lunch with our friends the Monahans (he also happens to be our Pastor) and then came home and played outside.

Next week will commence Spring cleaning around here!  Now that my shutters are open everyday and there's actually sun shining through the windows the dust is too obvious to ignore.  I may even get really productive and clear out some things in the basement!

Here are some things I'm thankful for this weekend,
1.  Approachable and likable Pastors
2.  Meatballs
3.  Sudafed
3.  Little Hands
4.  Big Smiles
5.  Giving hearts
6.  Imaginations
7.  Books
8.  Poppies growing in my yard
9.  Argyle socks
10.  Jesus

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