Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring is Springing!

Another lovely sunny day without rain.  A sure sign spring is coming and the rainy cold season is almost over is the rain only comes at night and the sun is out during the day.  Other signs are evident all around my yard.
I love this bush.

I love orange flowers.

My lemons
My oranges.
I have two types of lemon trees.  The larger lemon is a Sorrento lemon.
And my all time favorite sign of Spring - daffodils.
But these are my favorite wild things growing in my back yard.

Today we spent a lot of time outdoors, mainly due to the fact we had no electricity for 5 hours so absolutely nothing could get done inside.

Just in case you're wondering, the Italian word for Spring = Primavera.

Wednesday's 3 things
1.  I am thankful for fun days outside.
2.  I am thankful for my new camera lens.
3.  I am thankful for my soft fuzzy socks.

Buona notte!  Good night!

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