Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

Today I hear "Mom, I'm done"  which means one of my boys has pooped and is ready for me to wipe his bum.  What a glamorous life I lead.  So I go to the bathroom and get the paper and wipe William's little bum - he reaches out with both arms and grabs hold of my leg, tightly.  I ask "why are you holding on so tight?" and he replied "well, I have to hold on to your big ole leg so I don't fall off the toilet.".  Seriously?  So I ask "do you think Mommy has big ole legs?" (yes I'm a glutton for punishment) to which he replied "yep.  and you got a big ole bahooty too".  Bahooty is the new word in our house for bum.  Good grief.

I wore my new boots today, fabulous!  Did I mention I have an addiction to boots?  Not an addiction where I buy every pair of boots I see and own 200 pairs - but an addiction that means I see a pair of boots that I love and I cannot rest until they are on my feet.  I am up to 4 pairs.

Excellent day homeschooling, though I admit I am not cut out for Preschool/Kindergarten level homeschooling.  At first I thought it would be so easy, so basic, no challenge.  Now I realize I would much rather teach calculus because at least my mind would be stimulated too - we could all learn or relearn together.  But today when I almost lost my composure as I tried to explain to William that b,b,b flower does not start with B I realized this is going to be hard (imagine a 4 year old sounding out names - b, b, b boat - b, b, b, flower - ugghhh).  It's difficult to understand when they don't get the most basic concepts.  Lewis is currently learning to add money.  Nickels and pennies.  Easy, right?  NO.  After explaining and explaining that nickels are 5 cents and pennies are 1 cent and you count by fives and ones (which he can do no problem) and then add up the numbers - he looks at me and asks "why can't we just do 15 + 3 instead of this silly money?"  I have no answer.

Here's a picture of  "art time".  The boys were using their imaginations to play "Indiana Jones" and decided they needed maps to find the treasure.

Here are my three things I'm thankful for today-

1.  I am thankful my children want to learn new things everday.
2.  I am thankful for the time I spent living in Germany.
3.  I am thankful for pizza.

Good night!

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