Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things my kids say.....

Every morning Lewis and William come snuggle in our bed with us - what a great way to wake up.  Now if you know me I am not, N.O.T a morning person. Communication above grunting and nodding is not possible within the first hour of my waking and intelligent communication does not happen without coffee.  I like to wake up slowly and quietly.

Sunday morning Lewis came in as usual but fell back to sleep, yay.  When he woke up again I was stirring, rolled over to see his sweet little face and his eyes opened and he looked right at me and said "Mom, I'm going to stop eating boogers.  I'm not going to stop picking my nose, but I'm not gonna eat 'em anymore."

Certainly good news, but is this really the first thing I need to hear?

Then later as I got out of the shower William came in the bathroom to ask for some juice - really?  Where is your Dad?  Which is what I said "go ask your Dad, he's downstairs AND ridiculously close to the juice"  But before he left the bathroom he said "Mom, your belly is reeeeeaaaaallllllly fat."  Great. 

Can I not find one room of sanctuary in my house?

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