Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, Monday-otherwise known as day 8

I woke up early, refreshed, feeling great!  I go to my windows, throw them open for some fresh cool morning air and I'm greeted with thick smoky hazy air - the Italians burn everything!!  I guess a field near my house needed clearing?  A pile of garbage got too big?  Who knows, but it's one of the many little quirky things I won't miss when I leave.  cough, cough.

Anyhoo, we had a great weekend!  On Saturday we went on a mini-cruise around the Amalfi coast, swam in a bay at the Isle of Capri, had lunch seaside in Positano - all without the boys.  We went with two other couples, leaving 6 kids in the very capable hands of Blescille and set out for adventure.  It was fantastically relaxing and fun,seeing the area from the sea was a new and beautiful perspective.

Today we get back into our summer routine, swimming lessons-playground-lunch-school.  We're going light on school since it is summer after all - a bit of writing and math so we don't get out of practice and lots of reading.

Today is also day 8 of my Bible in 90 days challenge.  I hate to admit I'm 1/2 of a day behind due to the long fun Saturday, but I'll make it up and be on schedule by tomorrow.  I've read through Genesis and most of Exodus and today we head into Leviticus.  Thoughts so far?  Well, I love Genesis - it's interesting to read all the way through and though I should have known, it really registered this time just how much information is in this one book.  It shows God's amazing plan, everything in place as it needs to be.  What I've learned from Exodus so far- God is persistant and very thorough when it comes to getting His point across.  I particularly like Exodus 6:2-8 - I like how God "introduces" himself to Moses, explaining that though he had appeared to them He had not made himself completely known to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  But now Moses was to know all of God - I Am, Yahweh.  Don't you find it amazing that even though Abraham, Isaac and Jacob didn't fully know the essence of God, they followed and loved Him anyway?  Just a bit of Him is good enough, but to know Him and all of Him? wow.  It makes you wanna give the Israelites a little whack on the back of the head to wake them up!  Golden calf?  How quickly they became distracted.  I think I need that little whack every now and then - not that I'm worshipping a false god but I do let other things become too important.  I'm taking this opportunity to fast from a few things in my life that seem to take over my time, focusing in on reading and learning from God's word.  I'm also switching Bibles, I've been using my small Bible I take to church and I need something bigger so I'll be using my ESV study Bible from now on.

I hope you're all enjoying summer, it's pretty hot here.  I keep reminding myself that a person moving to Bahrain should not complain about this heat (mind over matter).

Happy Monday!



  1. Sounds like a great week! I'm finishing up Leviticus and it's been interesting, to say the least. :-) I'm with you on Genesis. I love that book. All of the major themes of the Bible are introduced there, and I love so many of the stories. They just really show God's character.

  2. Glad you are enjoying reading! I bet you can get caught up, so don't fret! Happy Monday!

  3. I had to laugh at your whack comment! I felt the same way when reading about the Israelites behavior. And I agree that I similarly need a little whacking now and then. :)

    I'm using a mostly note-free NIV Bible, but for parts of Exodus and Leviticus I'm supplementing the more difficult passages with my husband's ESV study Bible. It has great visuals of the Tabernacle and priestly garments, and very helpful notes. I have to read it after I do my NIV reading, otherwise I get caught up in the notes.

    Sounds like you had a nice outing! Praying that you'll be back on schedule shortly!

  4. Enjoyed your summary for the B90Days Challenge! I am loving this challenge and am blessed to be on this journey with so many amazing women! Praying that you will find the time to get "caught up"!
    Many Blessings!

  5. great comment on fasting some things in order to get things done, although it's not wrong to do some of the things we do we need to walks away from them just for a little while

  6. I am so glad you are reading the Bible in 90 Days with us!(And, on another note, it sounds like you are definitely making the most of your time in Naples.. perfect!!)
    But back to B90.. keep up the reading and you'll be caught up quickly. Sometimes I keep my Bible out on the kitchen counter and hop into it to catch up or break up a day's reading into tiny bits.