Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We're gettin' our money's worth on this one.

Miss Sarah is William's swimming teacher.  She is fabulous with preschoolers - so patient, so kind. 

For two days she's been asking William if he'll get in the pool with her.  NO!.  Always No.

Today she asked-
William said "No" and let his turn pass.

She asked again and again he said "NO,
 with physical movement away from her.
She asked again
whoa, where did he go?

 Sooooo, she asks again
with hands and...

She doesn't take "NO" for an answer this time.

Not so sure.....

Oh my goodness!!!  What's that?  A SMILE?

We love Miss Sarah.

And here's Lewis, happy as a clam.  He learned to swim to the bottom today.


  1. Do you know Dena and Erik, my friends who also lives in Naples, and homeschools her two boys? He is NCIS?

  2. Christina, I do know a Dena that homeschools, what a small world!