Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another way to help

I've been following this blog for a few months, watching their adoption progress and truly enjoying her insights on life.  I've wanted to help for a while, but never found the right opportunity - until today.  If you read this post (and you should)  you'll find a link at the bottom to a wonderful company selling coffee to help orphans.  I like coffee, I like helping others - win,win.   You'll see the details, for every bag purchased $5 goes towards their adoption fund - what a great way to help a family with a heart for adoption.  Make sure you click on the link in her article so they get credit.  And if you're not particularly interested in this cause, purchasing directly from the company helps orphans waiting for homes.  Take a few minutes and read about the company, you'll be inspired.  Another great aspect of this being the coffee is all "fair trade".  If you're not familiar with this term it's high time you become acquainted.  Coffee is most often grown in regions where workers are at an extreme disadvantage - they are exploited for their efforts and live in horrible conditions while the coffee companies thrive.  Fair trade coffee guarantees that those growing and harvesting the coffee are adequately compensated and treated fairly.


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