Sunday, February 14, 2010

Freddo, Freddo, Freddo. and Blessed.

Freddo means cold in Italian.  I am cold.  I cannot shake this feeling of cold no matter how many layers I put on or how close I stand to the heater.  I realize complaining about this when there are people in the world truly cold and who don't have or can't afford heat is ridiculous and for that I feel a bit guilty.  Lately I've noticed how much complaining I do about little things, how much complaining we all do about little things (check out the status updates on FB).  I recently read an article about a family complaining that they had no word on their son who was in Haiti on the day of the earthquake.  They demanded answers, they're Americans and they want answers!  How ridiculous.  I know they're suffering and I truly feel for them to have lost a son and not be able to get answers.  But I don't give a darn what country you're from or who you are, you don't demand answers when an entire country is still in total chaos.  Hundreds of thousands of people died and will never be identified - no answers.  Hundreds if not thousands of bodies will never be found in the rubble - no answers.  And to think this one family thinks their suffering is any greater than anyone else's?  Wow.
The world is full of suffering, real suffering, and complaining about little things is so self-centered.  I don't like this about me and I'm going to change it.  I'm officially giving up complaining for Lent (along with a few other things I don't want to share in case I cave).  And I'm going to start now by being grateful to have extra layers to put on, money to buy gas to heat my house, heck I'm grateful to have a house to heat!  Everyday I'm going to write down at least 3 things I'm truly thankful for - 3 new things each day.  Can you imagine how blessed I'll feel by Easter?
Buona Domenica!  Have a good Sunday!

PS-   uggghh, I just realized I'll have to give up complaining about my dishwasher!  This may be harder than I thought.

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  1. We take so much for granted and need reminded daily how blessed we are. If only people weren't so self-focused...can you imagine how changed our world might be? I, too, will try (if I remember), to write down three things each day that I am truly thankful for. That is a great idea, think I might try that with my teens too!!