Monday, August 9, 2010

A Rite of Passage

Tonight as I was getting dinner on the table, Lewis came in the kitchen and took his carrot off of his plate.  He smiled and said "I'm starving, I can't wait".  OK, fair enough.

Then I turned around as he said "whoa, what was that?"  So I looked closer trying to see what on earth he was talking about and notice a small amount of blood on his lip.  "Did you bite your lip?"  "No" he replied and I thought to myself "why is there a gaping hole in his mouth?"

My baby- B.A.B.Y - lost his first tooth!  HIS FIRST TOOTH!!!

It was barely loose and now it's gone.

He actually ripped the thing out eating a carrot!

After locating the tooth on the floor I ran upstairs to get the camera to take pictures which I'll now share with you. I present to you Lewis the big proud snaggletooth.


  1. yay!!!
    My first let his first hang in there FOREVER and his teacher finally coaxed it out. :)
    He is adorable, btw!!!