Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The end is near.....

I feel it and it makes me sad, summer is coming to an end.

Today was our last day of swim class and I noticed it's also the last full week of August, can you believe how fast time is ticking away?

I began the summer by putting our planned activities on a calendar including work trips, classes, vacations and visits from friends and I remember saying "by the time all of this passes we'll be getting ready to pack out and leave Italy".  At the time I remember feeling nothing but pure joy at this thought but now I'm not so sure.

Don't get me wrong, I'm ready to move somewhere else and ready for a new experience, but, this has been the best summer with some truly great friends and I don't want that to end.  What is it about your last months in a place that really make you start to fall in love?  I'm not sure, but I'll admit these past few months have found me the most content I've ever been here in Naples.  Maybe it's the knowledge that the end truly is near?  Or maybe it's an answered prayer?  I'm not sure, but I'm thankful for the peace that has settled on my heart lately.

Back to the last day of swim class, I'll add a little "bragging" here - both boys "graduated" out of their current level.  Now, this is not all that surprising for Lewis as he shot through the levels like a rocket, this was his year for swimming to "click".  The funny thing being he doesn't want to move up to level 4 since he's seen that class and thinks they swim waaaaay too many laps.  William on the other hand started the swim season rather hesitantly, as in "I'm NOT getting in the big pool!".  He bloomed in his preschool class with Miss Sarah and proudly moved up to level I with Miss Lauren.  He has made so much progress, he's jumping off the side, swimming away from the side on his own and he even went down the slide yesterday!  Today, much to my surprise, Miss Lauren recommended William move up to Level II, whoa.  His face beemed with pride, my sweet, swimming boy.

We've spent every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at swim class, we've enjoyed late afternoon swims followed by picnics in the park, we've had so much playground time with our friends.  Next week all the "normal" kids go back to school so our playdates will significantly decrease, the pool closes so we can't go there - it's going to get boring around here - don't go Summer, DON'T GO!!!!

At least we have our September guests and a trip to London to look forward to plus we can get on a more normal school schedule as we've been doing half in the morning before swim class and half in the afternoon.   Of course, by the time we get back on a schedule it will be time to move throwing everything out of whack again, such is life in the Navy.

Speaking of the Navy, we still haven't received our orders but praying they come soon.  Merely receiving them doesn't get us out of here any earlier, but it does allow us to get the ball rolling on the painful and slow process of checking out and it allows for the planning our trip home to the States, so the sooner the better.  Let's all get to praying and see if we can get this one answered!

Enjoy your last days of summer, I know we're going to make the most of every moment.

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  1. I loved your intro comment and I can totally relate. Well, I don't have boys or live in Italy (my husband's family is from there if that counts for anything) but I get all the check-the-box stuff. Thanks for sharing, Sabrina! And for all you did to make this read-along happen! Hugs from Ohio!