Friday, June 11, 2010

Dad, are you there?

A few days ago I gave my Dad a hard time about not reading this blog, after all the main reason for starting this was to help our families feel more involved in our daily lives.  Now, if the family isn't reading what's the point?  Right?
So begins the harrassment of my Dad - and it will continue until he leaves a comment confirming his participation.
And then I'll move on to my Mom, another non-participant!  Hello parents!!!!

Thank you Judy and Doug for reading, it's nice to feel love somewhere in your family!
And thanks to everyone else reading (all two of you)!


  1. Haha - Sabrina, this is funny. My parents read my blog, but my mom says she doesn't know if she's "allowed" to comment because she's afraid she'll embarrass me. Which I told her was a ridiculous notion.

  2. Jennifer, that's so cute your Mom would be concerned about embarrassing you - my family NEVER worries about that! ;-) My poor Dad doesn't get along very well with computers - so this is a gentle "prodding" to pull him into technology. He always wants to know what's going on and truth be told I forget a lot of stuff. I actually need to get better about posting the funny stuff my kids do so Grandpa can laugh along.