Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 3 in Paris

Remember yesterday I said we were going to have a kid day today?  Well, our intention was to get up and out early so we could enjoy the Dinosaur exhibition.  We made it to the Expo center around 1:00pm - would you like to know the reason of the delay?

My wonderful, ever so helpful husband Paul was doing the dishes this morning when he walked out of the kitchen and said "we have a problem".  The trail of blood running down his arm was NOT reassuring.  Turns out he broke a wine glass and cut his hand - a big deep cut.
So, I spent a few minutes on the computer looking for hospitals or clinics and off we went.  After walking for a bit I forgot the exact street number of the hospital and not wanting to go the wrong way on the street I started to look around for someone to ask directions.  Along came a lovely young couple and I asked in the worst french possible which way to the hospital?  Luckily they realized right away I speak English, and so did they.  Fluently.  Not only that but they had an Iphone with lots of information to help us.  They told us the hospital we were looking for had closed - strange since the website I found made no mention of that.  So, they took us to the Pharmacie just across the street to ask advice and after looking at Paul's hand the advice was to go to a nearby clinic.  The couple offered to walk with us to the clinic, we politely declined not wanting to take up their day shuttling bleeding Americans to the clinic.  They showed us the location on our map and looked up the exact street address on the Iphone and off we went.  Never ever let anyone convince you the French people are rude - we have had nothing but the nicest experience with the locals and especially this lovely couple today.
We found the clinic with no problem and went inside.  The nice lady at the reception asked us something and Paul uncovered his hand to show her the reason for our visit and she motioned for him to follow her.  Less than 2 hours later we were done and on our way again.  The Dr. gave Paul 3 stitches, one inside as he cut the tendon just a bit and two outside to hold the skin together-  a nice splint, some gauze, a prescription for antibiotics and instructions to not do housework for three weeks.
I told Paul there are easier ways of getting out of housework.

We go to Sicily, broken ankle.  Paris, sliced hand.  I can't wait to see what happens in Greece.

The good news - the boys were sooooo well behaved at the clinic and we all enjoyed the Dino Expo!

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