Monday, April 12, 2010

the Weekend

We had a great weekend full of fun and friends.  It's so nice when you find a group of people you like and that your kids also like so you can all have fun.

Saturday we had the Cisneros family over and stayed up way too late for this old lady, but it was nice as I don't get to see Cyndi as often as I would like (she has three very busy boys).  The kids played t-ball and Wii and all sorts of other things together.

Sunday afternoon we went to the Ragonese family's home to help break in their new trampoline and enjoy a yummy dinner.  They also have three boys - lots and lots of boys around here.

Paul's foot is very slowly getting better, he's no longer using his walking boot and it's very strange to see him wearing two shoes.

We're introducing our new school plan this week, I think the boys are going to like it.  We're starting with a pirate study (chosen by the boys).  It's amazing the things you can teach just by focusing on one or two kids books.  We'll use "Tough Boris" and study pirates, ships, seas, Holland, poetry, science, art, water safety - all from one book!  Isn't that cool?

It's a lovely rainy Monday - funny how my perspective has changed - now the rain helps beat down the pollen and for that I am extremely greatful!

Have a great Monday!

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