Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's not a snack!

At church on Sunday it was announced that there would be no Sunday School for the children on Easter Sunday because they wanted them in the church service.  I admit, my first reaction was shock - what on earth are they thinking?  Then I thought it might be interesting for them sit through a full service to see what goes on.  Then I went back to shock - how am I going to keep them quiet and still for over an hour?  and then I really started thinking about all the things they would experience and see and I knew we had to have a talk.

So today as part of our Bible lesson we really focused in on Holy Week and some of the meanings and traditions - paying close attention to the Last Supper.  We read Luke 22:1-23 and then talked about Passover, why this meal was symbolic and discussed Communion.  And, as predicted, Lewis (I honestly wasn't sure which one would say it first) said "yummy, snack."   NO!!!!!  Gently explaining it's not a snack, it's a Sacrament to be taken seriously and gently adding "if you try to grab the bread or juice you will get in BIG trouble."  You see, in our church we pass around the baskets of bread and trays of wine instead of going to an altar - understanding my panic a bit more?  William has never met a carb he didn't like and watching a basket of bread pass by him may be more than he can handle.  What on earth were they thinking?

I'll let you know how it all works out.

Great school day today.  William has decided that he also needs math to be a "big boy doing school" and lucky for him I have a good Kindergarten level math workbook he can call his own.  The boys made up a fun math game today- using a die they rolled it and then would write the number on the board - then roll again, write, and then add the two numbers together.  Writing and adding, fun! (Lewis did most of the adding, but William is catching on slowly)

Great weather day as well, I finally made it outside to start my yearly ritual of killing plants.  My poor neighbor Sergio watches in horror as I work in my yard - his sweet green thumb laughing at my pathetic black thumb.  His garden is an oasis, mine is a weed field.  The first summer we were here he gave me plants for my patio, ones he had lovingly grown himself from clippings of his other plants.  After I killed the first few, the gifts stopped coming.

Here are today's three things I'm thankful for-
1.  I am thankful for my newly organized desk
2.  I am thankful for the mountain of clothes I own that need washing
3.  I am thankful for the two little boys that helped make a lot of that mountain

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