Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Catchy Title

I couldn't think of a "catchy title".

I skipped writing yesterday, I didn't even share my 3 things.  I don't know why, other than I just didn't feel like it.  I think I was in a funk. 

Today was William's 4yr well-baby check-up.  He's 45.8 lbs, 3ft 6in tall, 90th percentile.  wow.  He's developing normally, though I'm a bit concerned about his speech so I'm going to contact the school and have him evaluated.  (it's the school's responsibility since he's over 3)  He speaks well, but can't say Ls and sometimes lisps his Ss.  Dr. Pugh agreed that an evaluation wouldn't hurt, but said there's nothing about his speech that causes alarm.  He said if there's something that can be done to help him, now would be a good time.  And then, as the Dr. listened to William breathe he asked how long he's had this cough, I said about 3 weeks.  It's so hard to know when to take them in for a cough, especially here.  Everyone has a cough and many times I've taken in one of the boys only to be treated as if I'm overreacting and I get sent away with nothing but an "it'll pass".  He asked if I wanted to listen, and I knew then it wasn't good.  He definitely has a wheeze - a wheeze, the Dr. says, can only be caused by asthma.  I am 100% sure it's allergy-related asthma, but it's still a bit scary.  He's now using an inhaler and taking Zyrtec again.  Poor baby, though you would hardly know he's sick as it really hasn't slowed him down one bit.  I could spend hours complaining about the poor air quality in Naples, how every single family I know has been affected by living here and how not one single Navy Dr. will admit there is a problem.  It cannot be a coincidence that everyone I know has at least one family member on an inhaler and zyrtec, usually more than one.  But, I won't complain since I gave that up.  So, I spent the afternoon scrubbing the boys' room - bleaching the mold (a huge problem living here), cleaning anything that remotely looked dusty, vacuuming the mattresses and then encasing them in allergen covers, I bought new pillows with allergen covers, washed every sheet, pillow case, blanket, comforter and dust ruffle and beat the crud out of the area rug and then vacuumed it.  whew.  If there's an allergen left alive in that room I would be surprised.

School is getting better, finally settling into a groove that works. We're currently studying Washington.  I decided we needed to learn a bit more about our country so we'll go week by week focusing on a State.  The boys thought Washington looked great, loved the ferries and thought the chance to live near family would be really fun- until- they learned about all the volcanoes!  Lewis said "there's too many, we can't go there".  But we decided to leave it open for discussion.  I love watching my boys learn, they're so fun!

Paul is still hobbling around on crutches, he has an appointment on the 22nd and we're hoping the cast will come off.

So, here are yesterday's and today's 3 things- for a total of six!  wooohooo math!
1.  I am thankful for days at the park.
2.  I am thankful for yoga.
3.  I am thankful for prepackaged curry sauce!
4.  I am thankful for Dr. Pugh.
5.  I am thankful for medicine that helps my children.
6.  I am thankful for bedtime.  Goodnight!

the Reinhart family

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