Thursday, March 11, 2010

I really shouldn't.....

I really shouldn't make fun of my Dad concerning his interest in weather when my last three entries are weather related - do you think it's possible I'm getting old too?  NO.  But, one more weather related thing - we had another crazy storm pass through later this afternoon bringing on more hail and rain!  What on earth is going on?  Lewis said "Mom, again with the ice?"  He cracks me up!

Today's funny story-
William comes to me and says "Mom, I missed the potty and made a mess.  I wasn't looking where I was peeing and I missed.  I'm sorry"  What a sweet baby!!!!  So I said "Don't worry honey, Mommy will clean it up.  Thank you for telling me"  Then I went to investigate.  I looked on either side of the toilet, nothing.  I looked directly in front of the toilet, nothing.  Hhmmmm, maybe he made a mistake?  and then I turned around to find a spot of pee about 3 ft. in front of the toilet - wasn't looking?  it was in the complete opposite direction of the toilet!!!!  I think "not paying attention" was a bit of a stretch?  How about "I was dancing a jig while trying to pee and completely missed!!!!"  ???  That would be a bit closer to the truth, in my humble opinion.  Oh the joys of living in a house full of men.

In other news, I saw first hand the joys of homeschooling  today.  Lewis, being the older and more educated child, helped his baby brother learn his alphabet.  It was absolutely the cutest thing!  He took on a very serious "teacher" voice and proceeded to help William get all of his letters in the correct order while writing them on the chalkboard for William to see.  I LOVE the dynamic that we've created having them together for the day - they learn so much from each other - the least of which is patience (an ongoing process) and they play so well together (other than the occasional spat over whose turn it is to play with a toy).

Did I mention our "let's buy and RV and travel the country for a year" idea is starting to become a real plan?  I've done a bit of research, looked into RVs - I think this may just work!!!  Paul really wants to take a sabbatical after working in the Navy 20+ years, we're already homeschooling, and we really love to travel - it's a win, win, win situation.  I don't know if it will actually come to fruition - but it becomes more appealing every day.

Here are my 3 things for today - March 11
1.  I am thankful for future dreams.
2.  I am thankful for my Dad.
3.  I am thankful for my house full of men.

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