Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope everyone remembered to wear green!

We checked out a book from the library about St. Patrick's Day and the boys had fun learning about all the traditions that go along with the holiday, but they really loved the story of St. Patrick himself.  You should have seen their eyes light up when they heard he was kidnapped by pirates!!  Of course now they both want to travel to Ireland just to make sure there are no snakes.

When we were getting dressed this morning, both boys remembered and insisted we wear green so no one would pinch us.  I asked, "what should we make for dinner?  Something to celebrate St. Pat's day like potato soup?"  After they unscrunched their faces they said, "No, taco night".  Oh well, what's a Mom to do?  The lettuce was green, does that count?

Here are Wednesday's 3 things-
1.  I am thankful for curiosity.
2.  I am thankful for Claritin (now my allergies are acting up)
3.  I am thankful for music.

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