Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good news and Secrets

Good news!  William's tooth is only bruised, not dead.  I took him to the dentist today and he not only examined but x-rayed the tooth and it looks good.  I'm so glad he'll be able to keep it, two years of snaggle tooth ain't pretty.

And here's a little bit of information I would like to share - your package of aluminum foil has tabs on the end that, when pushed in, stop the roll from falling out!  I did not know this until today and I am still flabbergasted by this bit of information.  I just assumed that the unfortunate "roll falling out" event was a necessary evil to using this product.  I excitedly waited for Paul to come home so I could share this little treasure, and do you want to know what he said?  "Yeah, I know.  Saran Wrap has the same thing."  WHAT???  How have I known this man for 10 years, been married to him for 7, birthed two of his children and he didn't bother to share this with me?  I can't help but wonder what other deep dark secrets he's hiding from me.

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